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Is this product recommended over radiant heat?  

        Ten Oaks sealed products are a great option for installations over radiant heat.  Because of the added stability of the seal, they will perform as well or better than unsealed 3/4" flooring when installed according to NWFA recommendations for radiant heat installations.  More information can be found in this installation guide.

What is the volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of the seal?  

        Ten Oaks' moisture barrier seal goes on as 100% solids, which means it contains NO solvents, and so it has no VOC content to flash off into your home or environment.

Can you glue down a Ten Oaks sealed floor?

        Ten Oaks solid sealed hardwood flooring can be glued down according to NWFA specifications.  Glues that have been tested with the seal are:  Wakol PU 225 , Wakol MS 260 , and DriTac 7600.

Do you still need to use a moisture barrier under the floor?  

        For added protection, we do recommend that a moisture barrier be placed under the flooring as standard.

Can the sealed flooring be installed earlier in the construction schedule than a normal floor?  

        We recommend that you install any Ten Oaks flooring according to NWFA guidelines, including having the HVAC system on in the home.  Once the job site is "dried out" and ready for flooring, you do not have to acclimate Ten Oaks sealed products before installing them.

What happens if I get sealer "bleedback"?

        On rare occasions, Red Oak (with its tyloses-free pores) may absorb some sealer down into it only to "bleedback" once the flooring is sanded.  The sealer can be cured by screening with a 100 grit screen (which heats the floor up).   You can proceed with staining and finishing as normal.

What's the recommended sanding schedule for the sealed product?

        Check out our sanding schedule.

Is the flooring graded before or after the seal is put on it?

        One of the advantages of a Ten Oaks sealed floor is that the seal brings out all the character that you would see with a natural finish BEFORE the floor is sanded and finished.  We seal the product before its final grading which gives you a truer grade of flooring than you may get with an unsealed floor.  It also allows you to see any character that you don't want in your floor BEFORE it is permanently nailed down, sanded, and finished.

Are your stain colors on Red Oak or White Oak?

        We always put our stain colors on White Oak, so there is no guessing whether or not your floor will be a good match to the color sample you selected.

Do you make plank?  

         We only make 2 1/4" and 3 1/4" strip at this time, but check back for future announcements regarding width and species availability.

Do you make any other species other than Oak?  

        We don't use any other species besides Oak at this time.  However, we offer three stain colors in our sealed, square edge prefinished and our sealed, beveled edge prefinished product:  Honey, Gunstock, and Saddle.

What is the seal made of? 

        Ten Oaks' Six Side Seal is a UV-cured urethane.  


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