Why Choose Ten Oaks?
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Why Choose Ten Oaks?

What's good about installing Ten Oaks flooring on your next job?

  • The peace of mind that a Ten Oaks sealed unfinished floor gives the installer between the point of the installation and the time it's sanded and finished, is unlike anything else you'll find. Dry wall crews, plumbers, and painters are all less dangerous to your newly laid floor thanks to the protective barrier of the seal. (They've even been known to avoid walking on the floor entirely thinking the floor has already been finished!)
  • Have you ever seen a jeweler examine a ruby with a drop of honey? If so, you'll understand that sometimes you just need a little something extra to 'pop' (visually) the qualities of a finished product. The seal on our flooring does the same thing, allowing you or your installer to find any less desirable pieces of flooring before they get stuck in the middle of your living room! However, since our in-plant floor grading takes place after sealing, our final grading is already more consistent than our competitors'.
  • Don't waste time acclimating a pallet of unsealed flooring on your jobsite for a week. As long as your job meets NWFA installation recommendations (including having the HVAC system up and running) all you need to do is unload your Ten Oaks Sealed flooring (unfinished or prefinished) and start laying it.
  • Looking to add to your LEED credit total? Click here to see if your job qualifies for MR 5.1 and MR 5.2 credits!

    ...and so much more! Find out more by reading our "Comparison" brochure.

What's good about living in a home with a Ten Oaks floor?

  • You'll experience decreased allergens due to the hard surface and our anti-mold, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew additive included in the seal to cut down on microbial growth in those places that are hard to see and clean.
  • You'll see fewer cracks and less movement due to seasonal moisture changes, which makes for a better looking floor years in the future.
  • Of course, the timeless appeal of hardwood flooring helps your resale value as well.